Bird Bar [Mishima, Shizuoka]

When going to Mishima for the first time there a few places you can go but the most famous of them all is a small standing bar near the south side of the station called Bird Bar. Nichidai students come here, Japanese Salary men come here, Foreigners come here. You will find no endless supply of people who come to this bar. I definitely spent a good amount of time at this bar.


The master of the bar is not present but the bartender Yudai is great. He can speak a little bit of English but is easy to talk to and can serve you drinks all day. Bird bar usually opens around 7 o clock PM. It usually doesn’t get packed until later or on Fridays and Saturdays. I have drunk with so many different types of people here it is probably my go to place to drink as long as you can speak some semblance of Japanese.


The selection is limited but please realize this place is the size of your closet or even smaller. Depending on how rich you are. There are promotions and on slow nights you can just chat and watch tv. Drinks are pricey but you go for the company more than the drinks.  Honestly, if you are looking for a drink around Mishima station and don’t know where to go this is the place. I wanna keep it short but this has been my go to place for a long time now.


Cheers everyone.

Bird Bar is a 1 to 2 minute walk for JR Mishima station.



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