Afuri [Yokohama, Kanagawa]

Before I reviewed Afuri Cup Noodles. They are famous for their yuzu flavored soup but I had the chance to try eating at the branch store in Yokohama for the first time.


The Afuri branch store is located in the Joinus Dining section next to Yokohama station. It’s a really small store and probably seats no more than 15 people. It’s really small and when I got there there was already about a 30 minute wait.

The variety on the menu is nice. Everything has a nice touch of Yuzu in it. However it was a bit more expensive for my tastes. Normal ramen usually ranges from 6 to 800 yen but the prices here easily went up to 1000 to 1400 yen for the ramen. Plus the topping were 100 to 150 yen more expensive than any other ramen place I’ve seen

However the choice is nice. They even allow you to choose what kind of noodle you want to eat. 3 different types of noodles. Anyway after we were seated, we waited not more than 5 minute and the food came out.


I will say it now. The broth is really good and it’s definitely  different but the star of this show is the Chasu. The pork here is amazing. It is juicy, tender and cooked to perfection. It is ridiculous how much flavor comes out of it. Normally Chashu is an after thought but I think here at Afuri it’s the main star. That compiled with the freshness of the ramen made it very very good. In a way it reminded me of pho because the amount of vegetables in the ramen seemed to lift the whole dish. The broth being as light as it was with the Yuzu complement kept it from being from feeling heavy.


Anyway it is definitely worth the trip and the price. It is a place I would love to take my friends to some day.

So if Lemon is ok and Yuzu is great. I give this place a Yuzu out of Yuzu.


Anyway happy eating everyone.

You can find out more about Afuri at their website here. 

You can check out my previous blog about Afuri’s cup noodle here.

Afuri is located in JR Yokohama station inside the Joinus Department store.


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