Petit Moo [Atami, Shizuoka]

So I was in Atami the other night and while walking around I came across one of my favorite places to get ice cream in Atami. Located right next to Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Atami, the aptly named Petit Moo (what a great name) was packed due to the summer heat and also because the Atami Fireworks Festival had just finished.


At this place you can even fake milk a cow. Whose bottom half has seemed to have separated from the front and has fake udders chilling there. You can squeeze em into a bucket.


The decor might go a little overboard with the cows but I think it’s really funny and if you think about it is kinda a fun place to be.


The real star of this show though is the ice cream because damn. Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream alllllll day. It is not your average soft ice cream. It has a really nice flavor. It’s hard to explain. It’s really milky. It has a slight hint of nuttiness and is fairly sweet.


It is 350 for the cone and well worth it.

So if one moo is ok, and two moos are great. This place gets a cow.

Cow/Moo Moo

Happy Eating Ya’ll!

You can check out Petit Moo’s twitter here.

Petit Moo is a 7 to 8 minute walk from JR Atami Station.



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