Eagle Eye [Shizuoka City, Shizuoka]

Located a bit off near the night district of Shizuoka city is a small bar on the 2nd floor called Eagle Eye. Unfortunately I could not play darts at the time however I had a pleasant time there.


If you play Darts Live this place sports 4 machines and 2 other machines I am not familiar with. The atmosphere is like an old American style bar so I guess it works out ish. It has plenty of space and boasts the traditional drink menu of any Japanese place. There are tv’s all around and the decor is a bit older but matches the bar well.


The food I found was superb, simple and delicious is all I could’ve asked and it was delivered.


It was quite a jolly time.


Laurs and Lexs

So if you’re looking for a darts bar in Shizuoka city this place seems reasonable, spacious and fun! Hit it up!

Happy Travelling!

You can find out more about Eagle Eye at their Facebook page located here.

Eagle Eye is about a 8 to 10 minute walk from JR Shizuoka Station.


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