Meat & Sangria – Captain BBQ [Mishima, Shizuoka]

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure at eating at Meat & Sangria Captain BBQ in Mishima for dinner. I decided to do a course meal but had to tell them 2 hours in advance to allow them to prepare it.


The thing that struck me was the location that was chosen and the styling of the restaurant. It feels very modern and even has a jukebox. The entire restaurant is made from a gray brick and wood. It is a very fashionable restaurant. The tables are interesting and the transparency provided by the windows gives it a foreign vibe.


The pricing on the other hand will not surprise you if you’ve lived in Japan but it might surprise you if you’re out for a night of cheap delights. However this restaurant is superb in the preparation and quality of the food. Well worth the amount of money paid.


Since I went for the course meal I was expecting food to be plopped on to the table. It was reasonable for the price but a tad bit more expensive then I was expecting. 5500 yen per person. However it was 飲み放題 nomihoudai (all you can drink), every dish was meticulously prepared and presented. Timed to come around the time we finished the previous dish. The servers were attentive and the drinks were superb. Also the portions did not fall short of expectations but actually exceeded it. Many times I could not believe how much steak I could eat for the money I paid.


The main thing was the food was amazing. It was really damn good. Appetizers were savory and well portioned. The steak being the star of the course was awesome. 3 different cuts of steak, cooked 3 different ways and with 3 different sauces. It even came with dessert to top it all off. I was full and satisfied by the time I left.


The only strike for me was not the restaurants fault but more of how I wasn’t used to such fancy establishments. When I entered it gave a vibe of a homely neighborhood bar however as the food came, that vibe changed that of a high class restaurant.


Anyway if you are in Mishima for business and you’re craving steak and drinks then Meat & Sangria Captain BBQ is the place to go.


So if Chocolate cake is aight and Super Special Awesome is amazing.

I give this place a Super Good Awesome/ Super Special Awesome.

Super Good Awesome/ Super Special Awesome

Happy Eating ya’ll!

You can find out more information about Meat & Sangria Captain BBQ on their Facebook page here.

Meat & Sangria Captain BBQ is a 5 to 8 minute walk from either side of JR Mishima station.


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