Cup Noodles Museum [Yokohama, Kanagawa]

So you’re visiting Japan for your first time and you wanna learn about the history of Cup Noodles? Well then you’re in for a treat because the Cup Ramen Museum in Yokohama will tell you the history, show you many varieties of Cup Ramen, let you make your own Cup Noodle and let you try different cup noodles from around the world. (If you’re a kid you get to play in the amusement gym 😦 ))


The entrance fee is only 500 yen per person and anything you make or eat inside is a little extra but it is well worth it. The building is pure white and I am always surprised that it isn’t super dirty but that is Japan for ya. So it museum has 4 or 5 floors and each floor has a different thing goin on.


The first floor of course is the ticket counter and the souvenir shop.


The second floor has a video movie about the history of cup ramen and all the packaged ramen from 1958 to now and the various types of countries cup noodles. There are also many interesting exhibits as well.


On the next floor up this is where you can the chance to design and create your own Cup Noodle cup. It costs 300 yen and you get to draw on your cup, choose your ramen soup base, ingredients and it gets sealed in a wrap.


The other side allows you to fry (someone correct me) or make your own chicken ramen noodles.


The upper floor has a great view of Yokohama bay and it also has an area for the kids to play. The best part is that inside you get to try a variety of noodles from all over the world.


So that pretty much sums up the place. It is awesome for dates and just hanging around with friends. If you’re a tourist it is definitely a great place to check out. So check it out. Psh powwwwwww.

Happy Travels Ya’llllll.

You can find out more about the Cup Noodles Museum at their website here.

The Cup Noodles Museum is a 10 minute walk from JR Yokohama station.


Ahhhhhhhhhh Noodles gurlllllll


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