Japan’s many beers [Blog]

So Japan loves beer. They love beer almost as much as the next country but they aren’t known for being able to drink copious amounts or else the countries many All you can drink places would be out of business. Due to that there is an astounding amount of beers you can get at your local convenience store.


The big 4 are Asahi, Sapporo, Suntory  and Kirin. Other honorable mentions would be Orion but for the most part I feel like the big 4 are synonymous with Japanese beers. (Feel free to disagree).

For a little more then a 24 pack of Coors light about 2900 yen I was about to buy 13 different types of beers and try them all.

1. It is really hard not to get drunk trying all these beers.

2. They are quite flavorful. Even the cheap ones.

3. The subtle differences of flavor is almost unnoticeable after about 5 beers. (Maybe I just can’t handle)

4. Real Japanese beer keeps you from throwing up all over the place.

These are some tips for you all.

Random musings of a Californian in Japan.


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