Omiya no Matsu – お宮の松 [Atami, Shizuoka]

Omiya no Matsu is a statue that is very famous in Atami. It depicts a man in a uniform stepping on a woman and she has her hand up. And while I am currently just having fun mimicking the statue what does it actually mean? What is the story of Omiya no Matsu?


Kanichi and Omiya are very good friends. Since they were children, they promised to get married in the future.  So they were dating for a long time and finally Omiya and Kanichi were about to get married to fulfill their childhood promise but Omiya ((under the pressure of her parents) (Someone confirm if this is true)) at the last moment married another guy who was also really rich. She ended up breaking the promise. They later decided to meet and after hearing that she married someone else and broke their childhood promise, Kanichi got so mad at her he pretty much said we are through and broke up with her. The meeting place was at Atami under the tree. She tried to run after him but in his anger pushed her down and told her we are through. And that is the scene that is depicted there.


Photo Credit: Shizuoka Guide

Pretty much he then decides he will get richer than the guy she married to get revenge. It’s a story about revenge people.

That’s all I heard about the story but it was part of a Newspaper called the Golden Yasha.

Happy Travelling Peeps

The Omiya no Matsu statue is a 10 to 15 minute walk from JR Atami Station . Next to Atami Sunbeach.


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