Japan vs Ireland Game 1 [Blog]

So I didn’t know that Rugby was even on the map in Japan but it is.  Since they didn’t follow the tradition of adopting American Football it’s more of a rugby nation probably?
Japan tends to be the strongest country in Asia and is as of 2017 ranked 10 in the world. So many of my Irish friends were looking forward to the battle between Japan and Ireland.


As expected most people where supporters of Japan but there were spots of Irish fans all over. They were dressed in green and waving flags.


Ireland had really good dominating performances. And they forwards were just faster than Japan’s forwards. However during the second half Japan scored back but they were too far behind to catch up.

20170617_135837Many of the Irish fans remarked how clean the stadium was and how they wished it was as clean in their stadiums. Anyway the score was an overwhelming (50 – 22) Ireland’s win. They will be playing in Tokyo this weekend if you are interested. Both sides were very respectful and it was an overall very pleasant experience.


The stadium they played at was Ecopa which was one stop away from Kakegawa. It was a 2 hour train ride back and it was a great experience. Definitely would go watch another game there again.

As an American it was pretty interesting watching rugby and the differences between American Football. Rugby is quite interesting and would watch it again.

Random musings of a Californian in Japan.


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