Akakara ー 赤から [Mishima, Shizuoka]

Do you like meat? Do you like Yakiniku? Then Akakara might be the place for you. Akakara is popular among high school students and college students because it is so cheap. 999 yen gives you all you can eat chicken, intestine, and some meat. Though the selection is limited to only 4 different types of things to cook it is still all you can eat.


dat interior though

If you are looking for better cuts of meet and such they also have that as well. The have not only yakiniku but nabe or hot pot for consuming.


Drinks go for about 100 yen and you can eat all you can eat for around 1 hour.


The experience is nice east and you can eat until you’re filled. Everything is ordered on a tablet so you don’t have to constantly yell out to the waiters.


Condiments are at a premium  as they only have pepper and salt to choose from.


Anyway if you’re looking for a place to eat that’s cheap try checking out Akakara! They are a chain restaurant so they have places to eat all over.

If amazing is a 5 and freaking Shane you are the man is awesome then

this place is a

5 and a freaking Shane/Freaking Shane

Don’t ask I don’t know either.

Happy Eating!

You can check out Akakara’s Mishima website here.

Akakara is only a 3 minute walk from JR Mishima Station South Exit



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