Gokurakuyu ー極楽湯 (Mishima, Shizuoka)

Gokurakuyu is what you would call a spa I guess? It is a really popular place to go relax your tired muscles after working out or having a tough day. It has onsen’s for all peeps as long as your not shy about walking around naked next to older Japanese peeps.


They have a lot of parking and they even have shuttles that come from Numazu and Mishima station periodically. So no reason why you can’t go.

When you enter you’ll take your shoes off and pay a 100 yen deposit to put your shoes into a shoe box. (You’ll get your 100 yen back) After you pay for your entrance fee, you’ll receive a little bracelet you can wear to help you pay for the assorted vending machines and stuff around the spa. (You’ll pay everything at the end instead) Typically it’ll range around 700 to 800 yen for the whole day so not bad at all. This place has massage, hair cut shops and even a full restaurant inside it. They also have massage chairs and a tanning station if you’re into that whole thing.


It is right next to a really scenic area and it’s super beautiful. Fortunately for you guys I am not allowed to take photos in the bath (of course) I don’t think anyone wants to see that. So you will enter the bath, make sure you don’t go into the wrong side, put your stuff in the locker, put another 100 yen in for the deposit and grab a key and enter the onsen.


You can look at this info graphic for Onsen etiquette so I won’t talk about it.

Anyway Gokurakuyu sports tons of showers, a special onsen infused with mint, or peach or whatever. (It changes every so often) A bunch of massage baths, and a huge outdoor onsen space. In the outdoor onsen, there are water beds on stone, hot water tubs, 3 different onsens at different heat, a mizuburo (Cold bath) and a Sauna.


So it’s a great place to visit if you want to relax. Just get your etiquette correctly and you’ll be on your way to lala land.

Happy Travelling!

You can check out Gokurakuyu’s Mishima website here.

Gokurakuyu is a 20 to 30 minute walk from Mishima station so I would take the shuttle bus. Cheers!


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