Billiards & Darts Aiming (Ito, Shizuoka)

Ito is a really great city. I lived there for almost 2 years. It is close to the beach and has a lot of mom and pop shops. However the lack of entertainment kills the kids here. Which is where this shop comes in. It is a small shop that opens around 5:30. It is located just past Ito’s river bridge.
So darts are 100 yen per play. They use an older system called dart star. If you are a darts live player you might not like this place but if you wanna just play this place is wonderful. They have drinks, beer and the atmosphere is nice.
They are probably known more for their billiards. I rarely see anyone play darts here apart from myself. They have 2 tables each and it is 100 yen per game I guess. I am not sure.
So if you’re looking for something to do in the evening while you’re in Ito check out Aiming. I will soon write an article about K’s House so look forward to it!
Happy Travelling!
You can find out more about Aiming by visiting their website here.
Address – 〒414-0028 静岡県伊東市銀座元町7−26
Telephone number –  0557-36-5819

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