Nagomitei – なごみ亭 [Mishima, Shizuoka]

Nagomitei is one of those places that you pass by and it’ll fly under your radar until someone tells you that place is an award winning restaurant. Every time I’ve gone to Nagomitei, I have enjoyed it a bit too much. Their fried chicken is a Kaarage Gran Prix winner with over 8 different flavors. However their fried chicken isn’t the only reason why this place is good, it’s all their food. It’s made with a lot of care. My recommendation is the Gyusuji Nikomi don. The Beef Tendon Rice Bowl is delicious. It melts in your mouth delicious with the perfect amount of savoriness. It is great.


Even the cats want in

They also have sashimi which is served and presented well. They use reallll wasabiiiii. It is an all around great restaurant. However if you go prepared to pay for a kobachi (complimentary appetizer which you pay for) and I would say you spend around 2000 yen at this place if you are eating and drinking. If you are drinking of course. And why wouldn’t you drink?


The interior is really nice and clean. Many Japanese people I have met have told me it’s hard to enter the restaurant but I have had no quips about entering it. The workers there have memorized my face and greet me personally and it’s only been my 5th or 6th time.


So it’s got great chicken, a good variety of food, delicious bowls of rice and do you know what else it has?


The Kurenai Yasha

The manager of the shop is the famous Kurenai Yasha. A female pro wrestler. She is fearsome but also makes awesome food.

If you are in Mishima in search of good fried chicken and beer Nagomitei is the place you should definitely go to eat.

If Skinny Cat is bad, Chris is Ok and Cat Yasha is amazing I’d have to give this place one of my very few Cat Yasha awards!


Cat Yasha/Cat Yasha

Happy Eating Ya’ll

Nagomitei is a 5 minute walk from JR Mishima Station south exit.

〒411-0036 静岡県三島市 一番町3ー21


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