Ryu Sho – 博多長浜ラーメン 翔龍 [Odawara, Kanagawa]

Ryu Sho is a favorite among the Odawara highschool kids and those who don’t have that much money. It actually is two shops contained into one shop. The ticket booth for Ryu Sho is on the left of the entrance. This place is slightly hard to find. It is next to Odawara’s Don Quixote, down the stairs in the Ramen Yokacho. There is an Indian restaurant called Shakti next to it I think.


2 shops in oneeeeee

Anyway this place is really affordable. Almost nothing on the menu is over 1000yen, so when I was still scraping for money I would come here instead of eating at Sanpei. The soup here is really good. The fatty Hakata broth and the amount of seasame seeds you can slather on to your noodles for less then 1000yen is hard to beat. The soup is very flavorful and the chashus are melt as you touch them.


If you’re not looking for fatty Ramen however they also have Tsukemen. It’s cold but when you order Tsukemen they give you a choice of eating 1.5 the amount or even double the amount of noodles for free! It’s really nice.


The tsukemen has the same fatty broth but it seems like it has a slight bonito broth taste. However honestly I scarf that thing down so fast. It’s solid. So you must be saying now, This place is perfect what could possibly go wrong?

The only thing I have to say about this shop is it could use a slight update, the floor is sticky sometimes and the seating area is quite small.

Other than that the food is solid.

So if No Soy sauce is bad and Soy Sauce is good, I give this place Pork Bones.

Pork Bones/Soy Sauce

Happy Eating Ya’ll

Ryu Sho is a 5 to 8 minute walk from Jr Odawara Station.

Address – 〒250-0011 神奈川県小田原市栄町2丁目8−18


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