Suzufuku 鈴福 – [Mishima, Shizuoka]

Suzufuku is a favorite among Mishima peeps. It is a small shop on the main road. It’s call to fame is the mix of bean sprouts meat and broth. Their specialty is the Karakuchi Chashu Miso Ramen.

There is always a line whenever I go so be prepared to wait.


There are tables but for the most part you’ll be sitting on the stools. You order your food by a ticket machine and sit down and have some water. Suzufuku’s Gyoza is quite nice. They grill it nicely and the mince inside is soft and kinda mushy. It is a solid gyoza. If you order eggs it’ll come in it’s shell and they’ll give you a little bit of salt to eat your soft boiled egg.


The main thing however is the ramen. Suzufuku might be famous for their Karakuchi Chashu Miso Ramen but they also have hand made noodles and those are really freaking good. If you don’t eat their hand made noodles they have normal Japanese Non-Hakata ramen noodles. This place is satisfyingly wholesome. As I stated before the mix of bean sprouts and pork give it a very wholesome taste. However on the other hand if you don’t like that kind of flavor this place might not be for you. The chashu is solid and the soup is not really spicy but after a few bites you start to feel the heat.


Suzufuku is definitely a place you wanna try if you happen to be in the area it’s located.

If 7 cows is bad and 10 Chickens is great I give this place 9 unicorns.

9 Unicorns/ 10 Chickens

Happy Eating ya’llllllllll.

Suzufuku is located a 15 minute walk from Daiba station.

Address -〒411-0815 静岡県三島市安久37−3


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