Ice Monster – [Omotesando, Tokyo]


Ice Monster recently opened up I in Omotesando. It has this mounds of shaved ice and it reeks with deliciousness. The wait was about 30 to 45 minutes and it was packed full of high school girls and couples.  I was low on time and opted to do take out on their milk tea.


It’s a really small store but it’s pretty hip and high tech. All the back board menu’s are on tv screens and all. Its really cool. The desserts look really delicious. They also greeted you in Chinese. However I am pretty sure this shop is from Taiwan? (someone correct me)

Anyway I’ll be honest. I wasn’t able to eat their Shaved Ice Cream looking thing but I did get a Boba Iced Tea from there.


And it’s a good milk tea. It’s really good but it is kinda expensive for it’s size. For about 550 yen you can expect a boba iced tea the size of a small Mc Donalds cup. When I actually eat the Ice Cream expect a full review.

Happy Chowin!

You can visit Ice Monster’s website here.

Ice Monster is a 10 minute walk from JR Harajuku Station.



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