Shouzan – ショウザン [Mishima, Shizuoka]

This is Shouzan. Recommended by Sir Egan I made a trip to Mishima Hirokoji in search of this shop. It’s specialty would be Tsukemen and I was stoked to try it when I heard about it. It has a interested exterior. It feels like it was once a really nice bar purposed into a ramen shop but whatever works yooo.


Entering the shop you have a ticket system like many ramen places. You can order a variety of ramen’s such as Tsukemen, Ramen, Abura Soba, Chahan and Gyoza.


What sets this place out isn’t what you can order but it is the amount of spice this place hits you with. I didn’t end up ordering the Tsukemen and instead ordered the Geki Kara (Very Spicy) Abura Soba and felt it char my soul. They definitely know how to make you sweat. They also have a variety of pickled foods and rice as long as you order some food. However the bean sprouts and kimchi was hit with a reasonable amount of spice. It was just really spicy.


I really like the atmosphere and the extra pickles and rice option they have. Everyone was well satisfied with their food however I am not a fan of the thick ramen noodles they used. Maybe it was just the day and I normally don’t like thick noodles too much but I still believe this place is really good. It’s definitely a place to check out if you like spicy food. It isn’t too expensive and the ramen looks amazing.

Anyway if Rotten Squid is bad and Cats are good I give this place a soft boiled egg.

Soft Boiled Egg/Cats

It’s a good place try it out. Happy Eating ya’ll!

Address – 静岡県 三島市 広小路町 10-25

Shouzan is located a 2 minute walk from Mishima Hirokoji Station.



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