Japan can still surprise you [Blog]

If you have been following my blog you’ll notice I tend to be on the tame side of Japan. I usually show the side of Japan an English teacher from abroad will see. However there are times when you just live in this country and see something and think “man, Japan is so weird.”

Like these Black Man underwear that plays on the stereotypes, and I always end up buying them as a gag gift for my friends.


That’s not the only thing that bulges

Or these boob shirts that you can find at Village Vanguard.


Or this book about words you’ll probably never use when speaking English.


Or one of the most evil villains in the Dragon Ball Z universe dressed as a ballerina.


However it always never ceases to amaze me. Like this robot tour guide. If I hadn’t look close enough I’d think she was real.


Japan’s obsession with cute things goes into walking around in Giant Dog costumes and such.


Japan is a great place to live but it isn’t all lights, robots, and action. Sometimes it’s the scenery that takes you away and you know what? That’s alright.


Random musings of a Californian in Japan.


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