Bar Rhythm [Akihabara, Tokyo]

Bar Rhythm is a darts bar located near Akihabara station. It has a very interesting vibe. It’s new yet kinda retro but still hip at the same time? The entrance is a bit confusing but it’s here. They seem to be part of the Pasela Group so there is probably some merit to using your cards here.

Bar Rhythm is an anime themed darts bar/cafe. Right now they are having a Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) collaboration so you’ll see the posters all over the cafe.


They are a bar so of course they’ll be serving alcohol but unlike most bars I’ve seen in Japan they also serve a lot of other foods such as Brick Toast, Parfaits, Pizza’s, and etc. I haven’t been able to try the food but I don’t think it’s bad.


The bar fits 80 people and you can even reserve it for events and parties. I don’t know the price but it’s pretty cool.


I assume since there are myriads of other options so you wouldn’t go here unless you wanted to play darts. And luckily they have 5 Darts Live 2 machines on the wall for your dart tossin enjoyment. The machines seem a little rickety but I think because of it’s location and the ease of access it’s a nice place. It does seem to walk a tightrope between a nice classy darts bar and a anime cafe though. Those usually don’t work well but it kinda does it?

The prices are a bit high for my tastes. Around 600 yen for a beer is a bit high but it seems to be around the price you’d pay at any other bar. It’s a nice place to hang in Akihabara. I’ll be honest though, it makes me feel weird but I think if you like darts and you like anime it might be the establishment that hits everything you’ve ever wanted.

Happy Travelling!

You can check out Bar Rhythm’s website here.

Bar Rhythm is a 5 minute walk from Akihabara’s Electric Town exit.



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