Wantanmen Koshuichiba – 広州市場 わんたん麺 [Shinjuku, Tokyo]

So if you’re in Shinjuku and looking for some Wanton men? You want copious amounts of noodles? No SHRIMP IN THE WANTONS?! (You can choose) Welcome to Koshuichiba! It is a Wanton Noodle place located in West Shinjuku.


My first comment is it feels like you entered a shop where everything sweats or something. The air is oily? Or maybe it just it has flavor in the air. I dunno. The interior is a simple wooden interior and it’s seating is down stairs. The menu is pretty straight forward. Enough to just point at it if you don’t know what you’re reading.


They have many different flavors of Wanton men. Unfortunately I was already half done before I realized I should be taking pictures so here is my half eaten food for you to see.


Anyway the noodles are pretty normal but what sets this place apart is the amount of Wantons they give you. Usually it’s seeping out of the bowl. Their Gyoza is also solid and the soup base is just about right. They have soy sauce, lots of raiyu and pickles if you’re into that stuff.

If a 1337 is a good score and a 1 is a bad score and a 1338 is a ok score I would give it 2 thumbs up of approval.


It’s a solid meal. So and it’s worth it. So happy eating food fighters!

You can find Koshuichiba Wantanmen’s website here. 

It is about a 5 minute walk to Koshuichiba from Shinjuku Nishiguchi exit.


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