Donbei Tan Tan Udon – どん兵衛担担うどん [Food]

Donbei holds a special place in my heart. I remember it was a cold night and I was going through a break up and hadn’t eaten anything. I was cold, sad and hungry. Then my good friend Kotaro comes over and says “Richard, I love Donbei so much but for you, I am willing to give up my Kitsune Donbei for you.” And that is how I met Donbei Udon.

4 Years later, I found Donbei Tan Tan Udon Edition!



Donbei is a very famous brand in Japan. They have a variety of flavors and cakes. I prefer their Udon but I know they have Soba as well. This time I’m here to talk about the Tan Tan Men edition. Tan Tan Men is a Chinese style Spicy noodle with ground beef and bak choy. So it takes 5 minutes to prepare the Donbei and while I waited I played some Puzzles and Dragons.


Dasterdly NINJAS!

Anyway after 5 minutes I opened it up and started chowing down. Donbei never disappoints but my first bite wasn’t super delicious. However as I continued eating it, I began to feel the Donbei’s legendary deliciousness seep in. It was delicious!


The beef blocks taste like meat albeit small it has flavor. The bak choy rehydrated is pretty good. However loses its crunch. The soup is also good but I think it would be a lot better if it was a bit spicier. However for only 220 yen it is worth it.

So if a 3 is a perfect score and a 9 is a bad score and a 15 is an ok score. I give it a solid

5 out of 3


I have no idea what that means but all you need to know is that it’s pretty damn good. Happy Eating!

Shout out to my friend Kotaro for introducing me to Donbei all those years ago.

You can find Donbei’s website here.


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