Odawara Castle [Odawara, Kanagawa]

If you are a regular on my blog you’ll know that Odawara is one of my favorite cities in Japan. In Odawara, you can find Odawara Castle. Recently renovated complete with a moat, a castle, monkies, sakura at night and a musuem!


When you arrive at Odawara during Sakura season, you’ll find it lit up at night. All the way down to the bridge.


You can see the beauty of the lights and the tress touching the moat. Inside they have rebuilt sections of walls and a large field. It also is a great place to catch Pokemon if you play Pokemon Go. If you’re into that stuff.

Entering the castle grounds, you’ll find a large gate and a stairs that lead up to the castle. Inside the castle gates there will be monkey’s and a chance to enter the castle (For 300 ish yen).



Anyway if you happen to be spending time in Odawara, I would suggest hopping over to the castle to see some kick ass scenery. Odawara is just a nice city in general minus the giant Tuna heads staring at you saying why human?! Why?!


What a fishy guy

You can find Odawara Castle’s website here. (in English)

Odawara Castle is a 5 – 10 minute walk from JR Odawara Station. Happy Travelling!


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