Kinomiya Shrine [Atami, Shizuoka]

Kinomiya Shrine is a very nice place, it has a shrine, a 1000 year old tree, fortunes, and it’s a really close walk to Kinomiya station. When you arrive you’ll see the giant gate which usually marks you’re entering the domain of the gods. On your way up as customary you’re supposed to wash your hands at the hand washing station. Kinomiya is very interesting because there is a large open area that you arrive at. There is a small coffee shop which I haven’t had the pleasure of trying and a showcase of the shrines. It’s usually busy during the holiday season though. At night it lights up, and you can pray to the gods at anytime pretty much.


Ominous not really

The main thing however is the path behind the main shrine. It leads to a 1000 year old tree which is pretty amazing and a lit up theater. I don’t know the purpose but it’s really nice to just sit and enjoy nature.


You could dance out there but it’d be embarrassing if someone saw you haha. Cheers!


Kinomiya Shrine is located a 5 minute walk from Kinomiya Station.


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