Village Vanguard [Shibuya, Tokyo]

If you are currently in Japan or will be visiting Japan in the future, there is one shop you should check out. It is called Village Vanguard. Everything they sell is a call to pop culture from mostly Japan but also the world. Whatever is popular in Japan they’ll probably have it or have set up the trend.

They have boob shirts, definitely useless Japanese Vocabulary books, How to use the word fuck correctly, Dragon Quest Tissue Chest boxes, manga, fluffy cat pillows, spicy food, idol products, music CDs, candy, costumes and photo albums. It’s a very interesting store. Very similar to Spencers without the sex toys. (There might be sex toys there but I’ve never spend time looking for it.) You can find them around Japan but mostly in the big cities. Shibuya’s Village Vanguard is located near Lock Out which is a horror themed izakaya. It’s super funny. So occasionally you’ll hear a scream or two.


Nice chest you have there.

If you want to see Japanese culture at it’s most interesting state then it’s a great place. It is also good for getting gag gifts for your friends. Cheers!


You can find Village Vanguard’s website here.

Village Vanguard Shibuya is a 5 minute walk from JR Shibuya Station. Happy hunting!


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