Kumamon talks about Instant Noodles [Blog]

Toshi – Hey Kumamon how are things?

Kumamon – Kuma kuma. Kuuuuma! (Good good. Hungry as always)

Toshi – So what do you like to eat on your days off?



Kumamon – Kuuuu, kuma kuma. (Definitely, Instant Noodles.)

Toshi – So what brand do you like these days?

Kumamon – Kuma ku, ku kuma! Kumamamamama. (This one! Brown Bear Shio Hokkaido Instant Ramen.)


Soft Boiled Egg, Butter, Grilled Pork and Onions soaked in Cold Water

Toshi – That looks great! I’ve never seen it before Kumamon. Where can you get it?

Kumamon – Kuma Growl, Kuma. (At Don Quixote. But they don’t let bears in. )

Toshi – Well you are a bear! It might be dangerous!

Kumamon – Kuma kuma kkuuuuummmaaaaaa. (Well hopefully they will open there policy soon!)

Toshi – Next time maybe I’ll buy you some! Cheers Kumamon. I hope Kumamoto recovers quickly!

Kumamon – Kuma! (Of course bye bye!)



Kumamoto Prefecture’s official website about Kumamon can be found here.

Random musings of a Californian in Japan.



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