Nakamoto Tanmen Cup Ramen [Food]

So someone bought me this cup ramen because they know I have a thing for spicy food. It is called Nakamoto Tanmen Cup Ramen. Based on the famous Nakamoto Ramen, it’s supposed to be the spiciest ramen in Tokyo. This is a cup ramen based on that shop.


It comes with a small little oil package for extra spicy flavor. It’s about 5 minute wait. However while I will say it is spicy I would say it’s not death inducing death sauce spicy. It was actually quite pleasant. I’d compare it to the Korean Shin Ramyeon but not as spicy and with a bit more flavor.  There are tons of cabbages and the tofu is actually a really nice addition to it. The soup is red and it smells spicy but it’s definitely editable. It’s kinda like having a mapo tofu over ramen.


You can find these at any convenience store in Japan. So if you’re looking for a spicy bit cup ramen head down and try it out.

P.S I will be heading out to Nakamoto this week so I will let give you a short story about visiting the real place. Cheers!

You can check out Nakamoto Ramen’s website here.

Happy Eating!


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