Peyoung Yakisoba Natto – ぺヤングやきそば納豆 [Food]

Penyangu is a famous yakisoba brand in Japan. They have a lot of different flavors. They have Normal (white), Super Spicy (Red), Curry (Yellow), Wakame/Seaweed (Green), Garlic Max ( Black) and this newest iteration of wood which is Natto. This flavor of yakisoba stinks like the behind of a giant cow. It stunk up the room so fast and the texture of the natto was just slimy. Eww. I totally なっとうくできない!


As you can tell I am not a fan of natto. It stinks and makes me feel like someone is shivering me every time I smell it. 3 minutes in boiling hot water and you can to smell the stink. The flavor isn’t bad, it just tastes like normal yakisoba but the sliminess is a bit off putting. You can buy this at almost any family mart if it’s in stock.

I will end this here but you should try it if you are interested. Happy Eating.

You can find Peyoung’s website here.


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