Cat Cafe Mocha [Harajuku, Tokyo]


Cat Cafe Mocha is a cat cafe as you can tell.  It is on the 4th floor next to the Gindaco near JR Harajuku station. It’s a minimum of 30 minutes so it is about 200 yen. When you enter you are greeted and they go over the rules with you. They ask if you want a drink bar and or cat treats. Those cost extra of course. Then you take your shoes into a shoe locker put on some sandals and head inside.


I came at a bad time when all the cats were asleep however. So I ended up just watching a bunch of sleeping cats. It was fine because they are so damn cute. There are cat toys all around and various chairs and boxes for the cats to sleep in. It also has a nice view of the Baseball stadium and the natural light is really nice.

At the end we got ourselves a nice 30 minutes free coupon and headed out happier because well. Cats.

Cat Cafe Mocha is a 1 or 2 minute walk from JR Harajuku Station.

You can visit Cat Cafe Mocha’s website here.


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