Nakamura Ramen – なかむらラメン [Mishima, Shizuoka]

Welcome to Nakamura Ramen. You can find this small store in Mishima near Ito Yakado.

This is maybe, a recently renovated place. It looks super brand new. It has seats all around the counter but no group seating. The wood counters, clean seating, open windows make it really appealing. Like Bananas!

Nevermind, that didn’t go the way I wanted to. I hear they only serve ramen until the broth runs out so go early!

Anyway, they are known for their copious amounts of green onion. I ordered their Shio Butter Ramen and I have to say this place is good. The soup is just straight up good but I guess butter makes everything taste way better. However the green onions surprisingly make it taste even better. I mean look at it!

On the table you can find Raiyu, Pepper, Shoyu, Vinegar and Togarashi. The noodles are interesting. They aren’t fat and they’ve got a slight texture to them. Like a fettuccine for ramen, I guess? The soup goes well with the noodles. The chashu is also notable because it holds it’s shape and flavor even when submersed inside the soup.


Lastly the Gyoza is cooked in a special oil. It has certain smell to it. However it’s delicious! It definitely is a place to try if you are near Mishima- Tamachi station.

Nakamura is a 5 minute walk from Mishima-Tamachi station near the Ito Yokado.

Address: 11-11 Nakatamachi, Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture 411-0838



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