Kagetsudo [Asakusa, Tokyo]

Changing the format up a little bit. Been busy so I haven’t been travelling as much but I’ll do my best to keep up with posts.

Today, I want to talk about Kagetsudo. This place holds a special place in my heart as the first time I ever had Japanese Melon Pan. I stayed at the Sakura Hostel in Asakusa for a few days and in the morning decided to just explore. While I was walking around I saw a long wavy line and asked what it was for. They said it was for some melon pan. Their old location was super small so I waited and when I finally ate it was like eating a cloud. It was so fluffy and soft that I barely noticed I was eating it. It was not too sweet but with just the right amount of sugar. It made my first trip to Japan the best thing ever. So 3 years later as a JET teacher back in Asakusa I went to find that the shop moved the the west side of Sensoji temple.


Famous Japanese Celebrities eat Melon Pan.

Even before I arrived I smelled fresh bread. When the shop came into view there was a small line. They had a special 3 melon pans for 500 yen. It was still as good as the first time I ate it. In front of the shop many more famous people came and visited it as you can see from all the pictures. Even my friends whom I took were blown away by how delicious the melon pan was. Fresh out of the oven this place’s melon pan blows anywhere else out of the water. If you have the chance please visit because it is well worth it.

Check it out when you are near Sensoji Temple!


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