Standing Sushi Bar Uogashi Nihon-ichi (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

So you happen to be in Shinagawa station, craving sushi but you don’t want to leave the station? I have just the place for you. Uogashi Nihon-ichi is a standing sushi bar conveniently located inside Shinagawa Station. It is really freaking good. I recommend the Eel sushi it’s brilliant. You can even order beer like I did.


When you enter you are directed to place to stand at the counter. You fill up your own tea with green tea. They have all the condiments you need but there is no wasabi. The chefs take care of that for you.  Ginger in a box and hot water for unlimited green tea refills.

When you are ready to order you tell the chef and he makes it on the spot. Puts a green banana leaf (I think) and you eat it up.


It’s really good for a fast sushi place. You’ll always find this place packed and the fish tastes pretty fresh. However beware because you can quickly find yourself spending an easy 2 to 3000 yen here. It’s awesome and I would never take it back but you do have to hold back if you are a big eater. The cheapest sushi’s will be 75 yen a piece. You always get two so it’ll usually always be 150 yen for the cheapest ones. It can go up in price up to 300 a piece for otoro (Fatty Tuna). Also because Shinagawa station tends to be very busy with foreigners travelling in and out the staff can kinda speak English so don’t worry about it!


If you happen to see an opening when you come to Shinagawa station have have 15 to 20 minutes to spare give it a shot.

You can find Uogashi Nihon-ichi inside Shinagawa station.

You can also find their website here.


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