Bar Moon Walk (Shibuya, Tokyo)

If you are no stranger to the bars of Tokyo then you will no doubt have passed by this bar. For someone looking for a cheap place to drink with friends it is a steal. There is a 400 yen cover charge but every drink after is only 200 yen more. They have a huge variety of drinks of different kinds.


I’ll never get through all the things on the menu

So if you drink a crap ton and just wanna place to chill these are great places to just drink and catch up. A lot of couples tend to come here from what I’ve noticed. The atmosphere is pretty chill as everyone is slightly buzzed. If you come to only have one drink I would suggest another place. There are many of these Bar Moon Walks around Tokyo. There a few in Shinjuku, Shibuya and (probably?) Ikebukuro. It’s a pretty classy place though so I wouldn’t try and get trashed here.


All this  cost less then 2000 yen.

I will say that the drink quality seems to be slightly watered down a bit but if you don’t mind it’s an awesome place. The place in Shibuya gets packed real tightly so you won’t find yourself in the bar alone with the bartenders probably. Also it’s quite a bustling place and gets rented out occasionally but give it a shot!


You can found out more about bar moon walk here.



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