Random Muses of the day (Blog)

As I wish to do more posts since I will post occasionally, my random muses of life in Japan.

  1. I hope the chicken cacciatore I made for lunch is not too spicy for Japanese people.
  2. The crows in Japan are freaking gigantic.
  3. This is the 3rd nomikai I’ve been to all week. How do Japanese people drink so many times a week and function in the morning?
  4. I learned the difference between kuwashi (詳し) Information and kuiyashi (悔し) they sound so similar.
  5. As a teacher to do my best to be kind and believe in my students.FB_IMG_1455502393698
  6. Gosh am I hung over again? Must be my imagination.
  7. Why do Japanese students stare at you and then run away laughing? Do I have something in my teeth?
  8. Hope ga ochiru sounds like there is no hope but it means it was delicious.
  9. It doesn’t matter the culture food really does bring people together.
  10. That skeleton doesn’t have the guts to tell me he doesn’t have any Naizou.

Random musings of a Californian in Japan.

Credits to Nikku for the feature picture.


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