DMM Planets Exhibition (Odaiba, Tokyo)

DMM Planets Art exhibition ends August 31st. Which is a shame because it really is one of the most beautiful exhibits I’ve ever been to. The fine array of lights and the mirrored lights to the exquisite shows was amazing to say the least. However before we get into that you also have to be willing to wait.

Arriving at Odaiba around 9 a.m we were already waiting in line for this exhibit. 2000 yen to get a day pass for the temporary theme park. It has many things like a water gun fight and One Piece Golden film promotion. However we were there to see the DMM Planets Art Exhibition by teamLab. (There has been a recent fad in Japan to say something by ________.) Anyway I got into line and it was straight up an hour and 30 minute wait to get into the exhibit. Friends have told they have waited upwards to 4 hours to see the exhibit. Anyway upon entering you are asked to remove your shoes and socks and put your things into a locker for 100 yen which you’ll get back at the end of the exhibit. So being quite cynical that I wasted time I had quite low expectations.

However I got my ass handed back to me with a cherry on top because it was awesome. The light show blew me away. I jovially rested my legs and headed to the lights room where I was bombarded by lights and mirrors. Which doesn’t sound impressive until you see it.


After spending some time enjoying the light show and we entered murky waters. A light display of a Koi pond washed all the fatigue of standing in line away.

It was beautiful and weird to say the least. Try not to drop your phone if you do go. After that you entered a dizzying planetarium which illustrated falling flowers. Which of course is something you have just gotta experience. It was an awesome experience. I say if the wait was 2 hours tops it’s worth it but not any more than that. It’s something that only in Japan you could probably do. (Don’t hold me on that)

I’d say keep an eye out for the next time they have an exhibition like this because it’s awesome. Cheers!

DMM Planets Art by teamLab ends on August 31st.

You can get to the English website here.

It is a 5 minute walk from Daiba station and a 10ish minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station.


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