Wakaba (Ito, Shizuoka)

When you come to Ito City in Shizuoka you normally think of Anjinsai, onsens or it’s famous Orange Beach. A lot of the locals think of Wakaba when they come to Ito. Inside Ito’s Skydome there is a small sweets shop called Wakaba. These shops are quite sparse from where I am from but they cater to those who have a sweet tooth for things like this. Japan loves it’s sweets. So it takes a lot to really stand apart from the crowd. Wakaba sees its fair share of foreigners and benefits greatly from local recommendation. It even has a English menu.

While it seems a bit exuberant to pay 600 to 900 yen for a Parfait, if you really like sweets it’s worth a try. Also since fruit tends to be really expensive in Japan it makes sense why they would have to charge so much. The owners are well traveled and they are always willing to make conversation. They serve shaved ice, ice cream, coffee, tea and sandwiches as well. So next time you’re an Ito looking for a sweet treat try Wakaba.

You can find Wakaba at this address.

〒414-0003 静岡県伊東市中央町6-4

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