Forest Adventure (Mishohigashidai, Chiba)

So if you are like me, you occasionally like to challenge your physical aptitude by climbing boulders or riding brain mashing roller coasters. On the other hand, maybe you just want to swing on a vine and chill. Forest Adventure is the next best thing to that. It is a tree top obstacle course with ziplines. It is ridiculously fun. The obstacles can be quite challenging but you don’t have to worry if you strap yourself in correctly and not fuck around. It’s quite the ways out from Tokyo, about two hours, so get comfy.


Secretly Awake

You have to reserve in advance and I think it’s a 2 or 3 hour limit. It’s kinda pricey about being about 3600yen not including shoes but I mean where else can you zipline between trees? There are 3 difficult levels. The Canopy Course, Discovery Course and the Adventure course! The Adventure course being the most challenging. However they don’t just throw you out there. They have a 20 minute safety course and make you sign a if I am horseplaying around and kill myself it’s not their fault waiver.



All courses are designed that if you lose your footing you won’t fall into the abyss that is the forest. You are always strapped on somewhere and it keeps you from falling to your death.

So if your feeling adventurous while you’re in Japan check out forest adventure.

You can find Forest Adventure’s website here. 

Parks are generally open from 9 a.m to 5 p.m and a reservation is necessary.




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