Yokohama Ramen Stand (Yokohama, Kanagawa)

Near Yokohama’s sprawling center next to the Pokemon Go players crowded around the Mc Donalds and the Pachinko Palors there was a small ramen stand near Yokohama station. During the day I had never seen it before but on the night I went I found Pokemon Go players catching Pokemon and the sounds of slurping ramen. The menu was small and the tables around the stand seem to be really janky (ghetto) but I couldn’t deny the charm. So hungry for food I ordered their 1# most popular ramen. It was the Goma Ramen. (Seasame Ramen) The prices were average for ramen. 600 to 1000 yen per bowl with additional charge for garlic, or extra Chashu.


So while it wasn’t stellar service since the seats were small. There was only two workers and you couldn’t hear since it was so loud. The ramen was satisfying. I usually don’t eat at stands like this but it was hearty and delicious. The seasame seed ramen was very delicious. The broth was heavy but it was filling. It had a lot of flavor and it seemed to wrap around the noodles. While the ramen was very simple it was very good. I was also able to stock up on pokeballs and catch a Snorlax while I was waiting, so good stuffs.

You can find this stand here. I don’t know anything else. Sorry peeps.

It is literally sandwiched in between two buildings. Cheers!





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