Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival (Asakusa, Tokyo)

It’s summer time. You can hear it. The cicadas are crying, people are at the beach, Hayashi Chuka (Cold Ramen with no noodles) is being eaten, it’s so hot you sweat and bake and ask would you like me well done or pink and juicy. All jokes aside Sumidagawa Fireworks is special. Located near Tokyo Skytree the already crowded Asakusa gets even more crowded. wp-1470121553879.jpg

People go early to reserve seats to watch the fireworks. It’s like a Matsuri. Everyone is drinking beer, playing games and enjoying the summer under trees. There are food stands and people in Yukatas.

However if you cannot get to a good spot it’s not so great. It’s extremely crowded, it’s blazing hot plus the high rise buildings block any view of the fireworks. So it can be stressful if you can’t find your way over to the right place.




The fireworks start at 7 and are cancelled if it rains. So I’m glad it didn’t rain. If you are in Tokyo around the end of July you should totally check it out.

You can find more info about Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival here.



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