Marugo (Akihabara, Japan)


Marugo is a Tonkatsu place in Akihabara. Next to a shrine and hidden in the sprawling back streets, you wouldn’t expect it to be famous. However there is always a line. Walking by it numerous times I have smelt Tonkatsu out of their store. It would be more conspicuous if it wasn’t for the line that starts even before the store opens.


The menu is simple. They have an English menu as well. The restaurant is also listed on Michelin Restaurant under Bib Gourmet. Which I honestly have no idea what that means but I’d like to say it’s a just shy under a star. The restaurant is really small. It’s probably someones old house re-purposed into a restaurant. There are two floors and it’s silent. The chefs look like they’re concentrating so hard and the atmosphere gives it a very old school feel.

They serve you everything based on the speed in which you eat at. Everything planned. I went with my buddy. Starting with Green Tea we sat admiring the restaurant. This place will put your wallet back about 2000 yen but I have to say it’s worth.



I think it’s unlimited refills on the lettuce but man. This Pork Katsu was so good. The tonkatsu sauce smelled like A1 sauce but it light and not so strong. The cutlet was so juicy the moment I took a bite the juices swirled into my mouth. It was delicious. And that’s all I can say. It was served with pickles and miso soup. The miso soup was peculiar because it was miso soup but there was something else in it. It was good none the less. Lastly they finish you off with some Jasmine Tea.

I definitely recommend this place if you have some time and are travelling around Tokyo. It’s a bit pricy but the service and the food is probably some of the best I’ve had in Japan. Cheers!

Marugo is a 5 – 10 minute walk from Akihabara Station.

I am unable to locate Marugo’s website. My bad. Haha.



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