Tokyo Dome (Suidobashi, Tokyo)

The waving of towels. The consistent roar of the cheering section. Beer girls running up and down. The umbrella of the swallows. Baseball is crazy in Japan.



I had the chance to attend the first preseason game in Tokyo Dome. It was the Giants vs the Swallows. Both are Tokyo teams. I have attended baseball games back home but Japan is a whole different ballgame. Cheer leaders and mascots dancing around. The crowd is very active when cheering. It’s a stark difference from watching a game in Angel’s stadium.  There is an interesting mix of Japanese and Western culture clashing. On one side you’ll have hotdogs, burgers, pretzels and on the other side you’ll have bento boxes, sake (Japanese Rice wine) and beer.


Whenever your team scores you’ll whip out that teams towel or what not and do the cheer. When the Giants scored everyone in the crowd would wave their orange towels above their head. Respectively when the Swallows would score they would take these small umbrellas, put it above their heads and open and close it. During the offense for each team the cheering section will be playing music and cheering along with the team. So there is always noise in the stadium.


It’s a good experience. If you’re in Japan you should try it. Tickets run from 2000 upwards. It’s much cheaper than America but the experience is unforgettable.


Tokyo dome also has a huge shopping center as well.

Website can be found here –

Tokyo Dome is a 5 minute walk from JR Suidobashi Station.


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