Kenny’s House (Numazu, Shizuoka)

So once in awhile you crave the burgers, and something a bit different from your average Ramen shop or Japanese restaurant. You want something that tries to be a fusion of Western food and Japanese food. This place is an interesting take on it. Recommended by some friends I sauntered up here again to try their food.wp-1455758038854.jpeg

Their set meals start from 1000 yen and go upwards. They have a variety of foods. I had a craving for some Tacos so I ordered the Taco Rice and my friend ordered the Loco Moco. While waiting for the food I took some time to admire the surroundings.Japanese people really like the beach feel and the interior expresses that feeling. Beach umbrellas, log benches and tables just made me feel like I was in Hawaii. wp-1455758049561.jpeg

The food arrived and the french fries were crispy and delicious. My friends Loco Moco was delicious but I just wasn’t really feeling the Vegetable Taco Salad. Under the impressively garnished salad was white rice with a sweet and slightly spicy taco filling poured over it. I wasn’t expecting white rice but I guess I did order “taco rice”.

Other than the taco rice, the few times I’ve come, I have really enjoyed the food here. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food you won’t find it here but if you’re looking for a place that serves delicious hamburg steaks, loco mocos or katsu curry than I can recommend it. For anyone who really loves this place they even have stamp cards to get yourself a discount every time you come.


Kenny’s house is a 2 minute walk from JR Numazu Station.

You can find their website here!



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