Ootoya (Tsujido, Kanagawa)

Ootoya is a restaurant that specializes in comfort food. Japanese comfort food. Reasonably priced starting from 600 yen you can get a full set meal that is ridiculously satisfying. Ootoya which I’ve heard means moms cooking, delivers meals that feel like they are home made. You can find many throughout Japan. There are even a few stores outside of Japan. The core of the restuarant is it’s set meals which offer a variety of choices. Nabe (hot pot), Chicken Katsu (Fried Chicken Cutlet), or a seasonal dish. (pictured above) I ordered the gyutan set (beef tongue) with oomori  rice (large portion rice). It was absolutely delicious. (I say delicious a lot I can only describe it as it is.)


Or I can show you proof I destroyed it.

If you find yourself looking for a meal, rice soup and that comfort of home give Ootoya a shot. Most meals can be received for under 1000 yen which is a bit cheaper then most places offering a set meal. Depending on the season you’ll have different food on the menu so you can try a variety of different things. So even if you don’t have a Japanese mom you can have the next best thing you can get at a restaurant.


You can check out Ootoya’s website here!


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