Cat Cafe Calico (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

So while my cousin was in Japan, the one thing he wanted to go to was the cat cafe. This cat cafe, nestled near Kabuki-Cho in Shinjuku houses a bunch of these felines. The staff was great, and they had rules and such in English. However to see these cats you have to reserve it in advance. So a few hours to a day or two later depending on how busy the cafe is. Don’t wanna scare the cats with too many people, of course. However once you get in it’s like 1200 yen for an hour (depending on when you go), and you get cool souvenirs (I still use).

I was surprised on how fast time passed by. There are so many different cats with so many different personalities you easily get lost trying to pet them or chase them. You can get treats for a few hundred yen and any food has to be consumed in a separate room. It’s a must go to for any person who likes cats or animals.


You can find Cat Cafe Calico here.

1-16-2 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku 6th floor

10:00 am – 22:00 pm (open everyday, no holidays)



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