Bokun Habanero 229 - 暴君ハバネロ 229 [Food]

I was in my local Family Mart and I saw these chips. Aptly named 229 for February 29th this year since this year is a leap year. The name is a pun, 2 (ni) 2 (ni) 9 (ku), or ニンニク for garlic. Bokun can be translated as Tyrant so the name of the brand is Tyrant Habenero. It’s a potato chip brand that is supposed to be really spicy. (Japanese Spicy) . Anyway this is a special edition Bokun Habanero because it’s garlic flavored and limited to this month.

The chips are black, and it smells like garlic. Once you bite down there is a bit of the garlic spiciness. In the end it kinda just tastes like the original Bokun Habanero with a slight bit of garlic flavor. However it is still pretty interesting and for a limited time only you can buy it now!


You can find more info about Bokun Habanero here.


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