Shofuku Ramen (Izu-Taga, Shizuoka)

Shofuku Ramen is quite a prestigious place. They regularly compete in ramen contests and is considered one of the best ramen shops in Shizuoka. Instead of your normal Shoyu (soy-sauce), Shio (salt) , or Miso ramens, Shofuku gives you a choice between their Umai Ramens (shop recommendation) , Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork bone broth). It has a very young beach vibe to it. Definitely appeals to the younger crowd. The shop looks like a beach house. The wooden tables and the flowers reminds you of summer even in the deep of winter. The fried rice is delicious and the ramen is filling. Depending on the season you’ll even find they have seasonal foods, such as green sauce omelette rice or Hiyashi-chuka (chilled ramen noodles with seasonings).


Tonkotsu Ramen with unlimited extra noodles as long as you have the stomach for it.

Shofuku’s ramen consists of thick ramen noodles with an extremely  rich (pork?) broth. In terms of customization, you can add soft boiled eggs with extra seaweed, or anything you like. There are plenty of options. The word うまい(umai) means delicious. So the literal name for the ramen is delicious ramen. However that name does not go to waste because overall, Shofuku is damn good and it has 2 locations in Numazu if you’re not keen on going towards Ito. It’s a very solid ramen restaurant. So for delicious ramen in the east side of Shizuoka, I would heartily recommend it.


You can find Shofuku’s website here.

Locations are here


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